During my time at Expansive Worlds, I worked with theHunter for about a year, creating everything from wearable clothes to weapons, environments, lighting, items, antlers. My responsibilities consisted of looking up references, modeling, high- & lowpoly, creating UV's, baking, texturing, and implementing it to the game. Aswell as introducing an intern to our workflow and pipeline. Here are some of the things I made.

Below is a video of a map I were in charge of creating inspired by the rocky mountains. I created most of the foliage, including trees, bushes, grass etc. I also worked on the lighting, some buildings, set dressing, terrain painting/sculpting.

Some of the images has been resized. Click on them to view original size.

Break Action Rifle

Break action rifle premium texture variation.


Handgun texture premium texture variation.


Revolver model, textures & implementation.

Carbon shotgun

Carbon shotgun model, textures & implementation.

Australian set

Australian clothes models, textures & implementation.


"Non-typical antlers" models, textures & implementation.


"Non-typical antlers" models, textures &implementation.


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